South Africa’s Ecology/Climate


The last time I was in South Africa, I was on a study abroad focused on South Africa’s biology and sociology.  South Africa boasts the widest array of biomes, or “regions of the world with similar climate (weather, temperature) animals and plants.” (source)   During my study abroad, we learned that South Africa is the only country in the world that contains all seven biomes: water, rainforest, tundra, desert, coniferous forest, deciduous forest and grassland.  The number and types of biomes have been further broken down in recent years, but South Africa is still considered to be a very ecologically diverse country.  The largest biome in South Africa is the savannah, pictured above.

Since South Africa is in the southern hemisphere, its seasons mirror the northern hemisphere’s.  Currently, South Africa is heading into summer as we are moving into winter.  The temperature in KwaZulu-Natal, a southeastern province, will reach 90 degrees F today, while Atlanta will only reach 72 degrees F.  Summer in South Africa is typically very rainy.  Winters are drier and colder, though lows are still typically in the 40s.  There are a few mountains in South Africa that reach much lower temperatures, but the country tends to have very temperate weather overall.

And that’s your daily tidbit!  If I missed anything, let me know in the comments!


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