About Me & FAQs

About Me


Hi!  I’m Lindsay, a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in South Africa serving as a Community HIV Outreach Volunteer in northwestern Mpumulanga.  I work to address drivers of HIV by providing organizational capacity building to the non-profit organizations and creches (preschools) in my village.  The org I’m placed with provides care and support to local orphans and vulnerable children.  I’m also participating in Peace Corps Master’s International (PCMI), so I’ll be completing my Masters degree in Public Administration at Georgia State University while serving.

About me: You can read more about me and my background in Less than 90 Days to Go!  Check out my post about a typical day in PCSA in A Day in the Life (SA Edition).  For more on my professional work, check out Professional Experience.


Provincial map of South Africa- I’m in western Mpumalanga (orange)

About my pre-Peace Corps journey: Check out my application process.  If you’re interested in my packing list, please send me an email.

About South Africa:  I’ve provided a brief overview of South African history and interesting facts in The Rainbow Nation., and then some posts focused on South Africa’s background, culture, music, and food & drink (incl. recipes).

eland-01What’s an eland?   A large antelope common to East and South Africa- you can read more on my Elands post or here.  I was disappointed that I didn’t see an eland the last time I went to South Africa (December 2009), so I’m hoping to see some during Peace Corps- and maybe even run with one!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Peace Corps?  Around high school, I knew that I wanted to work internationally.  I grew up listening to my uncle’s tales from his time in the Department of State, and I had an immediate love of languages.  I majored in International Relations (and Communication) in undergrad, then began working in international development where I was practically surrounded by RPCVs.  Although I enjoyed my jobs, I wanted to get out from the administrative desk work and work in the field.  I had considered pursuing both the Peace Corps and grad school, and then I discovered that I could do both and earn a semester of credit for Peace Corps through the Master’s International program.  Peace Corps is an unparalleled opportunity to learn about myself and the world around me, engage in personal growth, create lasting friendships, and have a truly life-altering experience.  Although I’ve encountered many challenges, I have never regretted my choice.

Can I send you stuff?  Yes please!  Letters and care packages are MUCH appreciated.  Email me for my address and check out my wish list!

Can I come visit?  Also yes please!  However, please don’t plan to visit during my  last 3 months in country.  Just remember that seasons are reversed in SA- July is winter and January is summer.  Also, I’m living in a village in accommodations suited to that lifestyle, so if you’re not up for roughing it, plan to spend some money on a hostel.  The cities in SA are not particularly cheap!


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