Wish List & Shout Outs

Address: Email me!

Please try to mail envelopes rather than packages if possible.  It’s much cheaper for you to send and doesn’t cost me to pick it up! 😀

Current wish list

  • Duct tape
  • Headphones
  • Coffee grounds
  • Specialty teas- green, white, rooibos, etc.  Pretty much anthing other than Earl Grey/English Breakfast
  • Cheese packets from the Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes (the best way to make “American” food) 🙂
  • Puzzle/coloring books
  • Arts & craft supplies for my work and host family- beads, knitting, crayons, etc.
  • Shirts or other memorabilia from the US for host family gifts/decorations
  • Letters
  • Good thoughts
  • Gift cards to iTunes, Kindle, B&N, etc. for ebooks, audiobooks and movies

Shout outs

This is the section where I recognize the selfless individuals who helped me on my way to Peace Corps and who send me mail and goodies to help me maintain my sanity.

  • Aunt Karen & Uncle Tom- thank you for my terrific care package of coffee, puzzle books, peanut butter crackers, PB pretzels, green tea and mac & cheese!
  • Amber- thank you for my incredible care package of Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno, chocolate, a B&N gift card and a very thoughtful note!
  • Aunt Patti- thank you for the wonderful care package of coffee, magazines and peanut butter crackers!
  • Joni- thank you for the amazing care package of spices/sauces and chocolate PB!
  • Emily W.- thank you for the great quick-dry towel and Swiss Army knife!
  • Ron- thank you for the hard drive and headlamps!
  • Vidya & Stella- thank you for the hard drive!
  • Sarah L.- thank you for the sleeping bag!
  • Anh- thank you for the hiking sandals!
  • Reina- thank you for the umbrella and Kindle!
  • Amber- thank you for the LifeStraw water bottle and gift card!
  • Jameisha- thank you for the iPod Nano!
  • Meagan- thank you for the money belt!
  • Aunt Karen & Uncle Tom- thank you for the gift cards & Bananagrams!
  • Bubba & Dottie- thank you for the gift cards!

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