Welcome to the Family!

The Peace Corps family, that is.  As of yesterday evening, I am officially a Peace Corps Trainee.  Currently, I’m at staging, which is a 1-2 day training that takes place in the U.S. (2 days in Philly for my cohort).  It still doesn’t feel quite real yet, but it’s beginning to sink in.

Our cohort is 33 people, every one of which is amazing and wonderful.  My roommate, Kristin, is particularly awesome, and we’ve spent the last two days bonding very quickly.  A bunch of us went to dinner last night and then did karaoke (I, of course, sang my traditional karaoke song- “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen).  It’s very freeing to be surrounded by such warm people who are all in the same boat!

Today, we spent the day in training.  I was pretty tired since I haven’t slept well, so I wasn’t very energetic about our afternoon sessions.  However, we had a great discussion on avoiding the single story- essentially, hearing one side and not being open to or seeking other sides of the same story.  We watched a fantastic TedX video by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which I’ve included below- I really recommend it!

Very late tomorrow, we’ll be heading to the airport and on to South Africa.  I’m even more excited (which I didn’t realize was possible) after meeting everyone and going through staging.  I’m not sure what my internet access will be like, but I still plan to blog once a week if possible.